How We Work

Uncover profitable growth opportunities

  • The success of strategic marketing can be judged by the extent to which it drives growth and profit. Our Grassroots Strategy approach uses your real projects to teach your cross-functional teams how to identify promising ideas and turn them into profitable business opportunities. The successes achieved validate and promote a strategic thinking mindset across your organization for years to come.

Case Studies

Spray Foam Insulation

  • Situation: Client makes a proprietary ingredient, offering a slight performance advantage, for spray foam insulation but its ability to capture value is limited by a complex value chain
  • Objective: Find a route to market that does not conflict with existing customers and where the client can capture more of the value created
  • Outcome: Identified a military application – spraying tents in forward bases – where no one was providing the complete solution.
    • Testing showed the payback period via energy savings (reduced air conditioning costs) was less than 3 months.
    • Initial project was funded at $12.5 million in revenue – additional opportunity projected at $30 – $50 million in incremental revenue.

Tooling Software

  • Situation: Client makes tools and inserts for machining applications but was facing low-cost competition able to demonstrate near-identical performance in an increasing percentage of applications.
  • Objective: Find a way to get paid for breadth of solutions and depth of machining expertise.
  • Outcome: Launched a software-based offering to optimize tool usage that balanced set up time, productivity, and wear.
    • ‘Production’ version launched in early 2014 – revenues undisclosed
    • Winner of Carnegie Science Foundation Award for Advanced Manufacturing

Filtration Media

  • Situation: Small, unprofitable product line in a large market that was competing based on price discounting (up to 70%).
  • Objective: Determine if the product line should be discontinued or if there are opportunities to improve performance
  • Outcome: Determined that there was a niche (~15%) of the market where they had significant differentiation and could increase their prices by up to 800% and still deliver value to the customer.
    • Raised prices by 400%
    • Targeted specific opportunities, rather than broader market
    • Grew business by 300% in first year
    • Went from unprofitable to over 50% contribution margin