Empowering Organizations to Drive Strategic Growth

Building Blocks

  • We measure our success by our clients’ results, not just number of people trained or pages of PowerPoint.  Consequently, while our flagship offering is a multi-day project-based workshop, we also support clients as they build capabilities and implement changes in their strategies across all the building blocks of a Strategic Growth Capability.

Building Blocks of a Strategic Growth Capability

In addition to our Grassroots Strategy Program we also help clients by facilitating Senior Leadership Workshops to help define objectives and align the management team around the definition of “Marketing” and the importance of Strategic Marketing as a capability of the organization. We also work with clients to help define and improve their key processes related to marketing and innovation including strategic planning processes, stage gate processes, pricing processes, etc. Finally we work with clients to define key marketing and product management roles, help define the competencies required for these roles and help define how to align their objectives, expectations and incentives with those of the rest of the organization.

Marketing Maturity Index (MMI)

  • If you are not sure where to start, we can begin by assessing your organization against other B2B companies using our proprietary Marketing Maturity Index.  We use the framework to interview relevant staff and develop scores across 25 sub-components of a fully developed strategic marketing capability.  We can then work with you to set priorities for further developing marketing within your organization and filling identified gaps using the MMI as a tool.

Decision Rights

Lastly, since as Peter Drucker famously said 35 years ago, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” we can help clients align their organizational cultures with their strategies and streamline the path to implementation.  We don’t believe that culture can be changed through a frontal assault, no matter how much ‘change management’ firepower you bring to bear.  Rather, we believe that cultures are the accumulated evidence of the behaviors that have been rewarded, encouraged and/or discouraged over time. 

Our approach centers on using ‘decision rights’ to uncover the root causes of organizational dysfunction and rebuild organizations to address the imperatives of a client’s strategy. 

Decision Rights is a framework that describes how an organization ACTUALLY works, NOT just “roles and responsibilities.” Specifically, we would document:

  • Who is empowered to make what decisions within an organization
  • The constraints, incentives, tools and information they bring to those decisions…
  • …And the mechanisms to participate in decisions that cannot be completely owned within one person or department

Importantly, Decision Rights exist in an organization whether they have been documented or not. So, in order to be effective, a change approach should not just paper over symptoms with changes in the org chart, rather it must get at the root causes of why organizations actually work the way they do.

Decision Rights is an important tool for empowering the organization to drive strategic growth, because putting the right decision authority in the right places can lead to organizations that are more nimble and adjust priorities more quickly as they navigate changes in their markets.  Done well, the outcome is a healthier culture, a more resilient organization, and often near-immediate improvement in business results.