Strategic Marketing – A Capability That Drives Growth

  • Grassroots Strategy enables growth:
    • Growth in margin through better pricing based on customer value
    • Growth in share through better targeting customer needs
    • New product innovation through better identifying market opportunities
    • Out positioning competition through segmentation and focus
  • Strategic Marketing is a capability not just a function or process
    • Strategic Marketing requires matching market needs with your capabilities and differentiation
    • Technology, engineering and operations are critical to understanding your real differentiation and your tool set for innovating around customer needs
    • For Strategic Marketing to be effective it needs to be a way of thinking embraced up, down, and across the organization
    • This way of thinking ultimately needs to be supported by the right people and processes

Our Perspective: Strategic Growth is challenging because it requires a new way of thinking…

Our Perspective: Elements of a Strategic Growth Capability


Grassroots Strategy – why does it work?

  • An intensive learning experience followed by a working project tail – immediately business relevant
  • Focused on the basics of growth (not the latest buzzword) – solid strategic marketing
  • Incorporating real projects for your business
    • Action learning improves retention
    • Project evaluation and advancement builds momentum
    • Measurable results help convert the undecided
  • Facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced ‘coaches’ – not driven by templates