Embed Strategic Thinking as An Organizational Capability Unlock the Growth Potential of  your Businesses

Read our recent book, “Grassroots Strategy – Cultivating B2B Growth from the Ground Up” 

We apply the principles of Grassroots Strategy in 3 areas:

“Grassroots Strategy” – Basic Framework

Signature Program

Our flagship offering is a proven, action learning program called Grassroots Strategy. We create a learning environment where strategic marketing concepts are taught and applied to actual growth projects.

Grassroots Strategy results in:

  • Internalization of proper growth analysis techniques and evaluations
  • Shared management experiences that create a culture change fostering growth
  • Acceleration of existing projects
  • Enhancement of internal, cross-functional relationships

Grassroots Strategy has been taught in over 260 seminars for over 70 companies on five continents

Testimonials – What Our Clients are Saying